Choir Sing-Along Tracks

Practice Tracks for some of the songs below are recorded with individual parts separated.  If you listen with earbuds or headphones, your part will be on the right side and sound like piano.  The other parts will be on the left side and sound much softer, as electric piano sounds. This way you can hear your own part clearly with the other parts in the background for reference.

Singing along with the videos of other choirs singing the songs is a good way to practice after you have gone through your individual part several times. If you have trouble following your part along with the choir, go back to the individual track a few more times through, then try again.

Oceans and Stars

These practice track play at 110 bpm (beats per minute), a bit slower than what the music is marked at – 126 bpm.  I didn’t play all of the piano parts, just a few bit between measures so you can hear when to come in again.  Your part is in the right speaker, and sounds like piano, and the other parts are on the left side, electric piano sound. Listen for your part and follow the sheet music as you sing.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2


Time After Time

I recorded a click track so you can hear where the downbeat is, seeing this song has so much syncopation (meaning that you sing the note on the “and” of the beat, or on the “offbeat”).

Tips and Tricks: Always have a pencil in your hand when you are practicing your part and follow the music on the page. When you come to a part where you make a mistake, come in too early or too late, mark it with your pencil, either with a little arrow or any mark that will remind you where to come in.

When you get to the bottom of page 5 at the 1st ending, don’t forget to turn back to the top of page 4 and repeat all the way to the bottom of page 5 again, but don’t sing the 1st ending. Skip over to the top of page 6, and sing all the way to the second line on page 7, 1st ending. Then turn back to bar 54, middle of page 6 and repeat until you turn the page and skip over the 1st ending to sing the 2nd ending, all the way to the end. I know this sounds complicated, but it’s not bad after you have gone through it a few times. Take your pencil and make big marks where you go back to, so you can find it quickly.  Don’t be afraid to mark up your music (with pencil). You should see some of my accompaniment scores, scribbles everywhere to remind me where to turn, when to play softer or louder.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2


Dona Nobis Pacem

Bonse Aba

This is a traditional Zambian song of celebration. Hand drums and percussion can be added.  The soloist in this version is male, but can be sung by the group, or a female soloist.  It sounds difficult at first, but when learned phonetically it is quite easy and fun to sing, and the same phrases are repeated.

Bon-se a-ba mu po-ke-le-la Ba li-pe-le ma-ka a-ku-ba ba-na  (4x)

Ku-ba ba-na   Ku-ba ba-na   Ku-ba ba-na   Ba-kwa le-sa  (4x)

Mu-ya-ya-ya   Mu-ya-ya-ya   Mu-ya-ya-ya   Ba-kwa le-sa  (2x)


Velo Que Bonito  Arr. Alejandro Zuleta

Practice Notes:

  1. Use yellow highlighter to mark your staves throughout
  2. Count 1, 2, in the measures where there are whole rests.
  3. Watch 1st and 2nd endings and repeat signs
  4. Watch slower tempo and key change from 1 sharp to 2 flats at measure 28 (G major to G minor), then back to 1 sharp at measure 37 and back to original tempo.

Velo Que Bonito – Soprano 1

Velo Que Bonito – Soprano 2

Velo Que Bonito – Alto



Over the Rainbow  Arr. Audrey Snyder

Practice Notes:

  1. Measure 15 – Soprano 2 and Altos sing “Oo” (not the lyrics).
  2. Measure 16 & 17 – Soprano 2 notes cross over Soprano 1 notes – watch for stems down
  3. Measure 26 – Soprano 2 has two notes, G & B. I only recorded the G on the practice track for now.
  4. Measure 28 – Soprano 1, this is the only time you will not be singing the melody! Be ready for this measure. The last note D should have a stem up.
  5. Measure 28 – Soprano 2, watch the notes with stems down, as they cross over Soprano 1 notes.

Over the Rainbow – Soprano 1

Over the Rainbow – Soprano 2

Over the Rainbow – Alto


El Vito (Traditional Spanish Folk Song)

Hala Lala Layya (Traditional Lebanese Folk Song)

Hala Lala Layya – Part 1 Practice Track

Hala Lala Layya – Part 2 Practice Track

May The Road Rise Up (Traditional Gaelic Blessing)

Wild Mountain Thyme. A simple unison melody with the guitar chords.

Homeward Bound

Skye Boat Song

Tum Balalaika arr Jay Broeker

Part 1 (Unison)


Alto Part (Altos sing unison in the first section)


This is a sweet video of a youth choir singing this arrangement with violin.

Now Is The Month of Maying

I wasn’t able to find a video of anyone singing the 2-part arrangement by Carol Kelley that we are doing, but here is a lovely rendition by The King’s Singers. Listen to the dynamics (louds and softs) in the repeats. Enjoy!

Coventry Carol (Lully Lullay)

There are many different versions and interpretations of this traditional Christmas song.
This is a fun instrumental version played on Medieval instruments.

Here are the Medieval Baebes, voices only:

Vivaldi’s Gloria

Here is a link to the entire piece with choir and orchestra, and you can follow along with the musical score!  It takes a bit of getting used to, but don’t get discouraged, try going through it a few times.  The soprano line is in the middle of the screen, and the alto line is right below the soprano line.  As the pages change, move your eyes back to the left side of the page.  You might enjoy listening to the entire piece.  It is easiest to follow along if you make it go to full screen – click play and then click the little square box in the bottom right corner.


Sky Boat Song

Sky Boat Song – Part 1

Sky Boat Song – Part 2



Siyahamba – Part 1

Siyahamba – Part 2


Down In The River To Pray

I’ll Fly Away

My New Favourite Singer

Don’t worry, we aren’t doing this song in choir, I just really like the way she sings and I thought it would be fun to share this video with you 🙂 I tried mimicking her voice at home and I got a very strange look from Lloyd!