Guitar Classes


An introductory course for all beginners to the guitar and the basics of music. Emphasis is on fun while learning.

Start playing guitar today. Get the tools you need to make music a part of your life. Campfire classics and simple melodies will be explored to develop technique and musical knowledge. Presented in a way that will inspire and have you playing music in the very first class.

The student will need an acoustic guitar and come prepared with a binder and paper and guitar pick and a guitar tuner. Rental guitars are available at reasonable rates.

COST: 10/$180

DAY: Wednesdays  7:15 to 8:00 pm

DATES: Jan 10 to Mar 14/18

Next session – April 11 to June 13/18



If you have taken the Beginner class and would like to continue learning in a class setting.

COST: 10/$180

DAY: Mondays  7:15 to 8:00 pm

DATES: Jan 10 to Mar 14/18

Next session – April 9 to June 19/18


Instructor: Aaron Watson

Aaron is a career musician and educator who infuses the learning experience with creativity and joy and an infectious love for what he does.  His teaching never strays from its central purpose which is to involve students in their own process of music making while he acts as a patient and knowledgeable guide and facilitator on the path toward that goal.   Aaron’s classes will not only inspire you but will also gently open a door that sheds light on a new world of musical understanding.


Call 778-426-1800 or email to register.