Instrument Rentals

We have been renting band instruments since 2001. Our prices are competitive and all of our instruments are reconditioned after every rental to make sure that they are in top condition when re-rented. Shop and compare and you will see that our service and our prices are unbeatable.

Purchase Program

With every Band instrument rental, the amount paid can be applied to the purchase price of the instrument at any time during the last rental period. This makes for a simple and easy to understand method of saving your rental amount and turning it into instrument equity.

Strings Program

We have an on-call repair and set-up service. This means that the instruments we rent are set up and ready to play. We carry all sizes for students. We also have a 3 month term special rental rate for the violin program as well as an easy and seamless “switch size” program for the growing student.

Rental Rates

Rental rates starting at $45 for 3-months, $90 for the school year.

Instrument Purchase Price Monthly Rental Yearly Rental
Tenor sax 745 to 1795 30 to 45 175 to 225
Alto Sax 645 to 1295 28 to 37 140 to 175
Soprano Sax 425 to 995 25 to 45 125 to 140
Clarinet 265 to 495 19 to 28 95 to 125
Trumpet 295 to 495 22 to 28 105 to 125
Trombone 495 to 695 25 to 32 130 to 150
French Horn 695 to 895 32 to 38 150 to 175
Flute 295 to 595 22 to 32 105 to 135
Violin 295 to 795 45 to 75 3-mo 90 to 150
Viola 695 65 3-mo 175
Cello 895 to 1495 35 to 55 195 to 275
Double Bass 995 to 1595 40 to 65 195 to 325
Bell Set (Bell Kit) 299 25 105
Guitar & Amp 495 to 795 45 to 65 175 to 225
Acoustic Guitar 149 to 295 12 to 25 75 to 150
Digital Piano 495 45 225

Our Rental Returns Policy

If for any reason your instrument is not working, simply return it and we will promptly replace it with another instrument. If you decide to change instruments in the program we will just credit the amount you paid for the instrument returned and apply the credit to your new instrument.


We carry a selection of accessories for all band instruments so make sure that you are stocked up for the year.

  • Reeds & Cork Grease
  • Valve & Slide Oils
  • Cleaning Cloths & Brushes
  • Mouthpieces
  • Neck Straps
  • Books and Print Music Materials

We stock the band instrument methods used by local band teachers as well as some fun supplemental materials so make sure you ask and we will get what you need to start your year off right.

Damage Policy

Incidental damage or wear to the instrument under “normal use” is covered. If the instrument sustains extensive damage due to negligence then the renter will be expected to assume the cost of the repair.