“Irish Session 101” Fiddle Workshop

Workshop Instructor – Qristina Bachand

In this 2-hour workshop, students will develop their confidence in learning and playing tunes by ear, and will come away with a deeper appreciation of Irish fiddle music and sessions in particular.

The workshop will begin with a brief discussion of the history, importance and structure of the Irish music session – the backbone of the tradition – as well as some etiquette for joining in.

The Irish fiddle tradition is an oral one and it is important not to solely rely on the music, therefore we will continue by learning a standard session tune by ear. Important aspects like proper fiddle and bow hold, tone production, rhythm and ornamentation will also be addressed in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere.

Joining the session:

This workshop is for students with at least 1 year of experience in playing fiddle/violin and who are interested in extending their repertoire of traditional Irish music, as well as their technique and knowledge of the art of fiddle playing.

It is recommended that students bring something to record audio!

DATE:  call or email for info
TIME: t.b.a.
COST: $35 per person
LOCATION: Peninsula Academy, Studio 10

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