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It has been 5 years at the Mills Road location as of this September.  You may not know that Diana and I actually started teaching in Sidney in 1986.  We had been living in Vancouver , I was touring with a pop band and Diana was working for the CBC and then we had Myles.   Having our first son was the catalyst for a change that led us to Saltspring and then Sidney and then our second son Adrian.   Now living on Saltspring and running PAMA has afforded us a close relationship with BC Ferries and the island life.

There have been a lot of changes in the music industry over the last decade.   The move toward digital technologies has made the traditional recording studio a thing of the past and changing cultural values combined with the internet have contributed to a new perception that music is free.   These changes have impacted every area from small town mom and pop music stores to major record labels and post secondary arts education all over North America.   The pace of everything seems to be getting quicker and quicker and we seem to have less and less time to sit and listen, but despite that, the demand for music lessons continues.

I know it has been said many times that “studies show” that a music education is essential to cognitive development from the womb onward,  music brings us together and helps kids do math, it keeps the mind young, stimulates motor activity, creates synaptic connections and gives us an appreciation for art and the list goes on.  At this stage in my life I don’t need studies to tell me what a profound difference music can make in people’s lives, I have watched it thousands of times from playing gigs to teaching to music therapy and directing.    The social perceptions toward music in our digital age may have changed but what hasn’t changed is the simple joy that playing and singing bring to life.

Myles now teaches at PAMA, Adrian is married and we have a grandson.  Adrian recently posted on Facebook a video of little Jaxson dancing to music with a huge smile on his face – at the age of 14 months, doing turns and clapping and beaming like he just discovered……….music.

We hope that we will have the privilege of continuing for another 5 years and then another 5 and another and we hope that you and your families will continue to share music with us and we hope that you will come to agree that the value of music is actually………immeasurable.

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