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Policies · Policies – Peninsula Academy Online


Please take the time to read our policies and if you have any questions please call us at 778.426.1800 or email using the Contact Form on the right.

Registration & Fees

New students must pre-register and make payment arrangements before lessons commence.  No cash refund for lesson fee payments, gift certificates or deposits.  Fee credits may be transferred to another student to be applied to lesson fees only, NOT transferable for merchandise at Sidney Musicworks.


All statutory holidays are observed. Pro-D days and Halloween are not considered holidays. Please see YEARLY CALENDAR if you are unsure of specific holiday closures.  Any changes in the District 63 calendar during the school year do not effect the P.A.M.A. yearly lesson calendar.

Lesson Materials

Cost of lesson materials is not included in lesson fees.  Necessary materials will be recommended by your teacher.  All P.A.M.A. students receive 10% discount on music books and accessories.

Missed Lessons

There will be no refund or credit for missed lessons. Teachers may consider scheduling a makeup lesson due to illness or family emergency only, as time permits. Any makeup lessons are solely at the teacher’s discretion and dependent on their own scheduling constraints.  Students are asked to avoid coming to lessons if they are ill in consideration of others.  Teachers may schedule a maximum of 2 makeup lessons per term and may not be carried over to the following term.

Any lessons missed by the teacher will be made up during the calendar year. A substitute teacher may be provided in the event of a teacher’s absence.

Please note: Lessons missed because of Pro-D days, Halloween, school days off, and sports conflicts will not be considered for makeup lessons.

Unforseen Closings

We reluctantly cancel classes due to inclement weather. Because road conditions may change during the day, do not assume that P.A.M.A. will be closed based on the morning closing of area public schools.  By the same token, if road conditions worsen during the day, please check with us before heading out.  Announcement of closings are recorded on our voice-mail at 778.426.1800.   Please note: there are no refunds for cancelled lessons due to snow, icy road conditions or power outages. One makeup lesson for snow days or unforseen closures may be given if time allows. 

Early Withdrawal

Students wishing to withdraw from lessons prior to the end of the term will be required to give one month’s written notice (after the minimum 3-month term).  We will also accept notice by email.  The one month’s notice will go into effect at the beginning of the next calendar month. NOTE: Early withdrawal is only accepted until April 1st.  If lesson fees have been paid for a full term and proper notice has been provided for early withdrawal, a credit will be given for the balance and can be used for lessons at any time. (No refunds for any reason).

Unattended Minors

P.A.M.A. does not assume any responsibility for the well-being and safety of minors who are left unattended on the Academy premises.


P.A.M.A. reserves the right to discontinue any student whose behaviour or attendance is unsatisfactory, or whose payment is in arrears.