Recordings and Publications


Guitar Scales – A Practical Guide to Understanding the Fretboardguitar scales cover
by Lloyd English
Guitar Triads – A Functional Understanding of Chord ConstructionGuitar Triads cover
by Lloyd English
Ukulele Chords in Common Keys – I IV V vi Chord Progressionscover-image
by Diana English
Guitar Chords in Common Keys – ii V I Chord Progressionscover-image
by Diana English
Piano Chord Progressions in Common Keys ii7-V7-IMaj7

by Diana English



Fingerpicking Celtic FolkFingerpicking Celtic Folk cover
by Brad Prevedoros

RECORDINGS By Our Teachers

Dances of the Veils
Composer, Performer – Lloyd English
Cold Cut Combo Live at Vista 18
Aaron Watson “Cold Cut Combo”
Brad Prevedoros After Hours
Brad Prevedoros “After Hours”
Melody B album
Melody Benbow “The Traveller”
Performer – Andrew Greenwood
Mariah Dantu album cover
Producer, Co-writer – Lloyd English
Occupy This Album Cover
Producer, Lloyd English