Rhythm and World Chant

Workshop Instructor – Amy Nold

Amy Nold has been sharing / learning / teaching chants in circles since the early 1990s, with exposure to a variety of spiritual focus groups, mainly yogic. A chant is a mantra or repeated set of words, in English and other languages, that are set to music and repeated as a musical meditation and/or prayer.
Amy was tutored in authentic African hand drumming by a native of Senegal, and has studied and performs a wide variety of rhythms on both piano and percussion as one of the three elements of music,  She has a fascination for an understanding of the mathematical aspect of rhythm as well as an infallible feel for the subtlety of measuring  beats and bars, and employing accenting and other nuances to bring vividness to the expression. 
This group class will teach both simple yet solid rhythms and singable chants, and promises to be fun, educational, and experiential. 

DAY & TIME: Tuesdays, 7:00 to 8:00 pm

DATES:  July 10 to Aug 13, 2019

COST: 6 classes/$115

Instructor: Amy Nold