Diana English

Piano | Recorder | Theory

Diana’s Mother was a professional opera singer and was a member of the Vancouver Chamber choir, it is with this genetic immersion into music that Diana began studying piano and voice at the tender age of four.   She studied with some of the best known piano teachers in the Vancouver region and went on to win many awards and scholarships as well as honours distinction from the Royal Conservatory.  She then moved across the country to continue her private studies with the renowned and late Darwin Aitken.

Diana has worked professionally as an accompanist for Dance Studios, Choirs, Churches and Soloists and is currently the accompanist for Viva Chorale on Salt Spring Island where she lives.   She has played everything from pipe organ in liturgical services to Carmina Burana on grand piano to keyboards in a pop band.  She is nothing if not intrepid, relentless and passionate in her pursuit of challenges and does so in her own quiet way.

Diana also studied recorder at the Toronto Music Conservatory, and has played and performed with several ensembles on that beautiful and gentle and noble little hand hewn  instrument.   It can be said without exaggeration that Diana was born to play music, she has all the required gifts including sensitivity and creativity as well as an amazing ear that is something of a miracle combined with a reverent curiosity for and understanding of that most mysterious and perplexing and rewarding language of music.

Teaching Philosophy

Diana imparts her love of music with a patience that is angelic and a warmth that is palpable.   She is the quintessence of what a music teacher should be never having lost her love and passion over a lifetime.   She has a depth of ability that only comes from a lifetime of dedication and work and a strength of character and resolve that is a gift to every one of her students.

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

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Thank you very much Diana for teaching my daughter and continuing to inspire, instruct, celebrate and challenge her musically. We are so grateful that you are such a positive and important part of her life. Her love of piano and of you is beautiful to behold and I’m certain you have helped her to establish a lifelong love of music. Her favourite day is “piano lesson day” and she has asked me several times if she could skip school to play piano all day 😉 From the bottom of my heart – thank you.


Diana teaches on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

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