Franaine Buchal

Banjo | Guitar | Mandolin | Ukulele

Franaine has a Bachelor of Music from Western Ontario and a B.of Ed. from Lakehead University.  He taught kindergarten and grades 6 and 7 in the public education system.  Franaine is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has been performing professionally in Rock, Folk, Jazz, Latin and Classical groups for the last 18 years.  He always has a full schedule and his students return year after year.  Franaine teaches  Ukulele Orchestra classes which are very popular with adults.

Teaching Philosophy

Franaine uses fun and involvement at every level of the teaching process. He engenders a love for music through his sincere and engaging approach.  We have never met a more upbeat teacher and it shows in his students progress.

Current Performance & Recordings

Franaine continues as an active freelance musician in several musical genres.

These fearless musical pioneers include Sharka Zdeninsyn, Franaine Buchal, Aaron Watson, Speedy Pete and Christopher Simon. “A giddy celebration…a sustained and otherworldly wash of shifting tonalities.” –Georgia Straight



Franaine is a very talented, accomplished young man. His personable and positive approach to teaching brings joy to many people. 

Carolyn B

Franaine always makes his classes great fun.  He is great at encouraging group participation and you can tell he really enjoys hearing everyone playing together.  He encourages you to try new things and not to be put off if you are struggling with something.  My confidence playing in a group setting, and also leading the group with a song here and there has grown this last year thanks to Franaine.

Rachel G

I would like to say how delighted I am to be taking ukulele lessons from Franaine. The instrument was new to me so I started at the very beginning. Franaine is very knowledgeable and kind. He has a keen sense of each of his student’s abilities, and nurtures us along patiently, all the wile showing us the joy of music, and the fun of playing and singing together.  His musical abilities seem endless, and he is very accomplished on many instruments. He is always positive and encouraging. It’s a joy to spend time with Franaine.

Lois M

Franaine has been my son’s teacher for a number of years. As well as being a fabulous teacher, he is a very warm and kind person. Thank you for sharing your love of music.

Kerry D

Teaching Schedule:

Franaine teaches on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Call for current openings.