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Michael Wilford


Michael Wilford is a drummer and songwriter who is passionate about performing creating and teaching music. Michael grew up playing drums in the rich and diverse musical network of Northern British Columbia, where he was inspired and taught from a young age by many musical mentors including Mike Doogan-Smith, Leslie Jean McMillan and the dynamic father-son duo of Richard and Jake Jenne.

Michael spent his childhood performing with a variety of artists in musical styles ranging from folk/fiddle music to jazz, pop, rock and whatever else he could try his hand at.

In 2015 Michael moved to Victoria to study drums with Damian Graham through the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music. Michael was fortunate in the mentors he found himself surrounded by in Victoria, incredible musicians like Daniel Lapp, David Visentin, Louise Rose, Joey Smith, Colleen Eccleston and Andreas David, who have shaped and educated him. He graduated in 2018 with a diploma in Contemporary Music Performance.

Since moving to the island Michael has found success pursuing music as a profession and can be found touring the province and country on a regular basis. He is a prolific songwriter and a popular sideman who has performed all across Canada.

From performing huge rock shows to intimate folk gigs, jazz dinner parties, musical theatre pit bands, studio sessions and completely improvised experimental music Michael has a wide variety of musical experiences and versatility under his belt. His teaching philosophy reflects his belief that a drummer should be a musician first and should be able to play musically regardless of the situation they find themselves in. He loves helping young musicians start their journey off on the right foot, learning the fundamentals and learning to be musically literate as well.

Michael teaches at Peninsula Academy on Thursdays.