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Nathaniel Ritter · Nathaniel Ritter – Peninsula Academy Online

Nathaniel Ritter

Guitar | Ukulele

Nathaniel is a multi instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, electric bass, ukulele and sings. He is also a very keen and active songwriter, and hopes to one day record his material.  

Nathaniel began playing guitar at the age of 14 and at the same time started his formal studies at the Peninsula Academy. He has been active in the local music community and has had the opportunity to play several performances with local musicians at events such as Sid Fest.  Currently Nathaniel is studying Composition and Guitar with Lloyd English as well as Piano with Iryna Graifer. He splits his busy music schedule with studies in Computer Science and English at the University of Victoria.

Nathaniel is fortunate to have been raised by two school teachers, one might say that teaching comes to him naturally.    

We are pleased to have Nathaniel’s gifts of enthusiasm and expertise with us this year at PAMA.  Nathaniel will be teaching guitar and ukulele classes to children and teens on Mondays and Saturdays.


See Ukulele Classes page for dates and times.


Available lesson times on Mondays and Saturdays: