Shabahang Saffari

Harmony | Piano | Theory

Shabahang Saffari holds his master degree in music composition and he has been active as a music teacher of piano, theory and harmony. As a composer, he has been working with different players and ensembles in Canada and the United States as well as writing music for documentaries.

Shabahang began his music journey by taking piano lessons with his mother and his passion for music led him to continue piano lessons and music theory classes with professional teachers. The more he continued his music studies, the more he became interested the creation of music and composing. He studied music composition with great professors in Tehran, Iran and in 2016 he received the fellowship to continue his music studies in the Master of Music Composition at the University of Victoria. In February 2018, his piece, Isolation, was performed by the University of Victoria symphonic orchestra as the winner of the UVIC 2017 composition competition.

Teaching philosophy:
As a music teacher, Shabahang strives to provide an environment for his students to be active and engaged to accomplish musical knowledge. The knowledge and information that help them to appreciate and learn music better. In this environment, Shabahang believes, students can reach their personal best by challenging themselves as well as making discoveries in music.

Shabahang currently teaches at Peninsula Academy on Wednesdays.