About Us

Peninsula Academy of Music Arts is a private music school that was established in 2001 by career musicians Lloyd and Diana English.  We offer instruction on all musical instruments for all levels and ages with instructors that reflect the highest standards of pedagogic excellence.

Our Commitment

During our careers we have personally taught over 70,000 private lessons in various regions of the country from Vancouver to Toronto. We have also directed and performed in a host of different situations ranging from rock bands to concert choirs, jazz groups and classical ensembles in venues as diverse as nightclubs, churches, arenas and soft seat theatres. This experience has given us an intimate understanding of how music has the power to engage us and stimulate our minds and make our lives richer. For us music is not a pastime, it is not a a hobby it is our passion and has been our preoccupation for a lifetime of work and study. It is this passion for our art that continues to motivate us daily.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are carefully chosen not only for their level of formal training but equally for their real world professional performance experience. This depth and diversity of background creates an unsurpassed learning environment that provides a real education and real results not only in the music arts but equally in all academic disciplines by enhancing our music student’s ability to learn how to learn.   For us teaching music is not just about playing music and learning an instrument, it is about how we learn and what music offers to the developing mind.