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Carson Cleaver

Carson began playing guitar at the age of 7, and by age 11 he was taking music lessons and became interested in jazz. He continued taking music lessons throughout high school and taught Parkland Secondary School's guitar class in grades 11 and 12. Carson attended Douglas College in Vancouver where he studied theory and performance. He now plays with his b...
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Shelley Shen

Shelley started her musical journey with piano at the age of 3 and began singing in the children’s choir at church. She was accepted into a special class for musically gifted children and it soon became clear that she had found her passion at a very early age, her life soon centered around performing in various musical groups.  During these formative year...
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Franaine Buchal

Franaine has a Bachelor of Music from Western Ontario and a B.of Ed. from Lakehead University. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has performed professionally in Rock, Folk, Jazz, Latin and Classical groups. He always has a full schedule and his students return year after year. Franaine always brings his enthusiasm, humour and talent to his priv...
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