Lloyd English

Composition | Guitar | Harmony | Improvisation

Lloyd English has been a professional performer, teacher, composer, choral director and producer for over 30 years and has worked and studied with some of the most well known artists in the Canadian music industry. He has performed in genres as diverse as world music and pop and jazz in stadiums, concert halls, city club venues, lounges and hotels. His music has been played all over the world on Television and Radio.

His past teaching appointments have included the Guitar Academy-Toronto and the Academy of the Arts, Vancouver, many of his former students have gone on to professional musical careers. Lloyd’s producing credits include his album ” Dances of the Veils” and locally the “Mariah Dantu” album, the Michael Wood Band and most recently the album of classic standards When it Rains by Elaine Lakeman. His music license placements include the Oprah Winfrey show, Much Music, American Express, Holmes Makes It Right and scores of others.

During his career Lloyd has directed music programs in several church denominations as well as the Salt Spring Singers and Pender Island concert choirs performing works with small orchestra.


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Lloyd has recently completed a new book in his Guitar series called Essential Elements Level 1 and has launched an online education website called My Guitar Pal.




Lloyd has also produced recordings and albums for several of his songwriting students.

“Dances of the Veils” is an acoustic guitar album written and performed by Lloyd along with co-writer Sia Samimi.

Dances of the Veils“Dances of the Veils”

Album by Lloyd English & Sia Samimi





“Lloyd has been my teacher for the past year. During that time I have learned more about guitar playing than in the past 20 years. Lloyd makes the lessons both interesting and challenging. I really look forward to my lessons every week. His knowledge of music theory is the best I’ve come across in a guitar teacher. I’m actually learning my way around the fretboard and learning the rules of music thanks to Lloyd. This is allowing me not only to play songs but to jam effectively with other players which has been my goal all along. Thank you, Lloyd.

Lloyd teaches online only for hour-long lessons on Thursdays.

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