Shelley Shen

Piano | Ukulele | Voice

Shelley started her musical journey with piano at the age of 3 and began singing in the children’s choir at church. She was accepted into a special class for musically gifted children and it soon became clear that she had found her passion at a very early age, her life soon centered around performing in various musical groups.  During these formative years Shelley traveled and performed in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.  At the age of 12 she began studying voice as a complement to her piano studies.

Throughout high school and college Shelley continued to sing in the church choir as well as the praise band and assisted in directing the children’s choir.  At the same time she participated in various choral and opera symposiums as well as workshops and vocal competitions. Ms. Shen has performed with choir, orchestra and as a soloist at festivals in Italy, Japan, Taiwan, China and Canada.

Shelley holds her Masters degree in Music Performance and Music Education from NTNU. She enjoys working with young musicians, whether children or adult. Her love for music education has motivated her to teach private piano and voice lessons throughout her study life as well as working with special needs children in private and public school settings.  She currently continues her music study at the University of Victoria.

Shelley is fluent in Mandarin and English. We welcome Mandarin-speaking families.

Teaching Philosophy

Shelley believes music speaks what cannot be expressed by any other language.  She also believes that music can change lives in a number of powerful ways.

Shelley teaches online on Wednesdays.

From her students:

I started my piano lesson again with Shelley last year, I had both piano and flute lesson when I was a young child, and had no music lesson for over two decades, so it hasn’t been easy for me to pick it up again. But luckily Shelley is very patient, and she understands how difficult it could be for an adult who haven’t play any instrument for many year. She is a very experienced teacher with a lot of patience and a deep love of music, she teaches not only what to practice, but more importantly how to practice, she helps us how to analysis as part of approaching a new piece and gives clear and concise explanations. —Fred and Melissa

Shelley is an amazing piano teacher, she is very experienced and professional, you can find those good qualities in her lessons and as the results she creates in her students. One of my favorite things about Shelley is that she makes learning piano fun with instructions that are easy for me to understand and follow. I would recommend Shelley for anyone looking for a solid & enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results. —Preya

I never thought that I could combine both my favorite things together, singing and Yoga. I also never thought I could sing but Shelley has proved me wrong! She is a fantastic, and her lessons are not only fun but very effective. She is professionally trained singer and very organized, always emphasis the importance of voice use and vocal efficiency. The help I am getting from Shelley is proving to be just the guidance I needed. I would highly recommend Shelley as a teacher and music mentor. —Jocylin (24)

I am very happy to have Shelley as my voice instructor and highly recommend her as a talented, passionate and friendly music teacher. She is an outstanding instructor with many great qualities. I feel her greatest quality is that of compassion, she constantly inspires us with her knowledge about voice hygiene, the relationship between speaking and singing, and the holistic connection between life and music; she really cares for the growth in musical knowledge in each one of her students. —Daksha (60)